The Jilted Generation

Jilted Generation – The World’s Only full live tribute band to the Prodigy.

The Jilted Generation debut at Festwich, but they are no strangers to the festival circuit. Their show is delivered with exactly the same venom and angst you would expect at a full on Prodigy show. The Prodigy are one of those rare specimens that have managed to cross over their heavy dance roots into the rock and metal scene, they max out the sound system and hit you with beats equivalent to being smashed with a sledgehammer, all that layered with some of the most iconic thrash riffs of our time gets dropped on top of the heaviest sub bass you’ll ever witness, this makes it easy to understand how they have managed to connect and be adored by rock and dance enthusiasts alike.

It is with great pleasure and excitement we introduce to the main stage The Jilted Generation, reserve your energy as you are going to need it !