Surely it’s a tall order to replicate the biggest metal band that still to this day rule planet earth?

Well let us tell you, if somehow Mentallica have managed to elude you in the last 20years, yes 20 years, then you’re in for a pleasant shock, Mentallica are as close as you can get !

2017 is the  20th anniversary of Mentallica’s formation and testament to lead front man Chris Jones who’s shared passion for the mighty Metallica got out of hand and  turned into a life’s ambition of being the best tribute there possibly could be to them.

Mentallica capture that original raw energy that connected us all the first time you heard them. Watching Chris and the guys at work is pure genius. Mentallica’s set is a high octane twin turbo rocket fuelled juggernaut, that spits and sparks out all the classics hitting you from all directions. We’ve got a feeling we are all going to be moths to the flame on this one!